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Vicky gets confused, worried, and a chance. Jet learns the social expectations of a contending champion. Two strangers find themselves stranded for the night. Irena's pleasure training with a mischievous demigod. and other exciting erotic stories at! Straight guy gets seduced into Anal and loves it. Fantasy Football Punishment Takes a Turn. A neighborhood jog leads to first time magic. The roommates continue their unexpected quarantine fun. Jessie needs a reminder about what happened last night and other exciting erotic stories at!

Jun 05,  · The genre Straight collects erotic stories dealing with heterosexual relationships. All stories deal with people who have an attraction, and then sexual preference, to individuals of the opposite sex. It is typically the most "classic" genre of adult fictions. Straight sex stories relate to aesthetic, sexual and romantic attraction exclusively between two individuals of differing genders. All normal stories between loving couples go in here - please find the relevant niche category should your story involve something a bit out of the ordinary. 0.

New Story Page Preview. Try the new mobile-friendly Literotica story page with font customization!! Something about knowing Mr. Goodlong was married and straight, knowing that he was enjoying the blowjob he was giving and wasn't at all uptight about it, made Jamie want to do a good job. It made him want to make Mr. Goodlong feel good. Erotic stories are grouped to make it easy to find something that will appeal: click on Straight Erotica for heterosexual fun from flirtation to fellatio, tender lovemaking to animalistic passion (sometimes both at once). Basically,if it involves one man .