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Oct 29,  · Plumper Leanne and 6-inch tall Derek. The end of the story. Muttan and friends start a jungle adventure. He finds a new world, and a new world of experiences. Muutan goes on a dinner date, and runs the bill up and other exciting erotic stories at! A hypnotherapist discovers a dark secret in his patient’s past. What’s New · Titles · Authors · Categories · Readers’ Picks · FAQ · The Garden of MC · MC Forum Story: Age Regression Author: Submit Age Regression. After almost two decades in a happy marriage, the inevitable difficulties of mid-life began to overtake my usually lively sexual relationship with my lovely wife.

Liam starts an age regression journey with a gentle exam. Please make me forget that mean boy, Daddy! Juniper discovers the room that nobody dare speak of. A grieving woman needs babying and pampering to heal. and other exciting erotic stories at! An age regression story. 8 min read. Nelson stepped out of his car, excitement building in him like a beating drum. An S-shaped curve of hot gold sand sloped down to the coral-green ocean, under a cloudless sky the filtered blue of a souvenir postcard.

Age-regression Stories. Refine by tag: age-regression agere little littlespace ddlg fiction. 30 Stories. Sort by: Hot. Hot New # 1. Now what (baby Bakugo) by pearcy. K The League of villains attack but this time with a new villain and an unknown quirk, the first victim of this quirk is Katsuki bakugo, what happens when the rest. The Age Regression Story Archive. A Fitting Position Author: thepaddedquill Description: Consider one Margaret, our beloved Margaret is going in for a job interview at a large pharmaceuticals company, a job for which she is woefully under qualified.