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large cum loads facials - 3 cum loads facial

the truth is, load size (or “semen volume” if we're getting technical) is. One study found % of women say it's “very important” for their partner to ejaculate during intercourse. If a guy can really “perform” like that–not only is it impressive, but it's a huge turn-on as well. And if he can't? Some women don’t care one way or another if you shoot a big load, but no one can deny a bigger load is better than a smaller one. There are many ways to shoot bigger cum loads, and we will cover some of the main ways that men can dramatically boost their cum load and enjoy much bigger ejaculations.

The latest tweets from @bestcumfacials. Hot blonde takes a big load of something in her mouth. Hot blonde takes a big load of something in her mouth.

One teaspoon is a fairly big load, 2 tsps. is a GUSHER; anything more than that will simply overflow and run out during urination, or as clear "precum" . Ok, so its been a while since I've posted on here or even done PE. But one thing I've always wanted is really big loads. I've always had a pretty decent sized ejaculate volume, but I want bigger. (I love pulling out and covering my girls stomach/headboard lol)Because we all know that the bigger the load the better it feels.