Big juicy ass brunette in pants bends cancer for us with you - yoplait and breast cancer


yoplait and breast cancer - Big juicy ass brunette in pants bends cancer for us with you

We focused on Yoplait’s pink-lidded yogurt, which was sold to raise money for breast cancer, but was made with dairy stimulated with the hormone rBGH. Our online campaign called on General Mills, the manufacturer of Yoplait to “put a lid” on rBGH, and gave activists the tools to . Nov 07,  · Funds raised from the sale of Yoplait yoghurts and the walk are now augmented by customers making donations at the cash registers in the stores, as well as sales from branded items about breast cancer that are also sold in Massy Store outlets. Such items include pens, scarves and hair bands.

Sep 24,  · This year’s campaign warns that Yoplait yogurt promotes its sales-driven contributions to breast cancer while knowingly using milk from cows treated with the growth hormone rBGH in its yogurt. Scientific evidence suggests there may be a connection between the use of this artificial hormone and breast cancer. Oct 06,  · This month, Yoplait wants women battling breast cancer to know we’re “Friends in the Fight.” That’s the new name for Yoplait’s long-running “Save Lids to Save Lives” program. The change was made to pay tribute to everyone impacted by breast cancer, including caregivers and family members who comfort those in treatment or remission.

Yoplait has supported the fight against breast cancer for more than 15 years through programs like the Save Lids pink lid campaign and Pink Together, a social community for those touched by the disease. Through these and other initiatives, they have contributed more than $50 million to the breast cancer cause. Sep 25,  · Yoplait makes a cent donation to a breast cancer organization for every pink lid consumers mail back to the company. Let’s put that in real terms: If you ate three yogurts a day for the four-month duration of the campaign (and sent in all your lids), your donation would equal $ That’s a lot of yogurt — and not all that much money.