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women and condom use - Eat your cum out of this used condom CEI

DO use lubricant to help prevent the condom from slipping and tearing. DO store female condoms in a cool, dry place. *Female condoms can also be used for anal sex. DON’T use a male condom with a female condom, as this can cause tearing. Sep 18,  · To use a female condom, insert it into your vagina before intercourse. The inner ring of the condom should be pushed into your vagina as .

Contraception comes in many forms. A female condom is one type of barrier method that prevents pregnancy and can keep you safe from sexually transmitted diseases. Also called an “internal condom,”. Understanding factors related to condom use is critical in reducing the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), especially for women, who are disproportionately affected by Cited by: 9.

shows consistency of condom use during any sexual intercourse in the past 12 months among women and men aged 15–44 years who had intercourse in the past 12 months, regardless of the frequency of intercourse in that time frame. Condom use “every time” during sexual intercourse in past 12 months. Jul 01,  · The intervention group women who reported condom use during their most recent sex act with a partner other than their main partner rose from % at baseline to % at follow-up. In the comparison community, this figure rose from % to 62%.