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pierced nipples and breast feeding - I am pierced - nipples and pussy piercings with vibrator

Feb 26,  · You should be okay to breastfeed because nipple piercings typically don’t damage milk production. Breast milk is produced in your mammary glands, which are located in the breast tissue of female Author: Valencia Higuera. Jul 27,  · Though a nipple piercing can have some impact on your milk flow, in most cases pierced moms can breastfeed without a problem. Still, you’ll want to take a few key steps to help your baby (and you) stay safe. Here’s what you need to .

Aug 19,  · Many mothers have breastfed successfully after previously having their nipples pierced. However, some mothers have encountered difficulties with blocked ducts, infections, reduced milk supply or leaking milk from the piercing site. Nipple piercings may interfere with your ability to breastfeed. The piercing itself may cause complications leading to blocked milk ducts and reduced milk flow. This could hinder your milk production. Of course, you'll need to remove any jewelry from your nipples when you're nursing.

Nipple piercings can impact breastfeeding for both mother and baby. Common concerns for mom may include nerve damage that impacts the milk ejection reflex or scarring that obstructs the milk flow which can, over time, affect milk production. There have been reports of mastitis and abscesses from previous nipple piercings as well. Breastfeeding and nipple piercing When a woman, who has had her nipple (s) pierced, has a baby, often the question arises about how this will affect breastfeeding. There has been limited research into how nipple piercing may affect breastfeeding.