Stretching Genital Enhancement part 1 - phytoestogen and breast enhancement


phytoestogen and breast enhancement - Stretching Genital Enhancement part 1

Using Plant Based Phyto-Estrogen for Breast Enhancement/Enlargement Phytoestrogens are biological, plant based estrogens that attach themselves to the person when consumed or applied. They are completely natural and are found in the foods that can be seen in most American pantries. The result show meaningful augmentation of the breast in group taken phytoestrogen tablets (PEITO) and in mouse study, study group showed more lobules .

Another common use of phytoestrogens is to increase breast growth. These products are under the umbrella of “breast enhancement supplements.” The makers of these products often claim they’re a natural method for increasing breast size. These products often contain various phytoestrogens including wild yam, saw palmetto, etc. Most breast enlargement supplements utilize phytoestrogens in their formula—and we’re no different. Phytoestrogens are vital to natural breast growth as you’ve just read.

Men are growing breasts, naturally, through the use of creams and supplements that contain phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are a group of chemicals present in various plant foods that have a weak, but effective, estrogen-like effect on the body. Phyto stands for plant and estrogen, of course, is the main female hormone. Phytoestrogens treat a variety of health conditions and affect breast tissue. There are claims that phytoestrogens may enhance breast development, but a greater volume of research has investigated how phytoestrogens effect breast cancer. Epidemiological studies primarily show phytoestrogens to have a protective effect against breast cancer.