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When my five-year-old grandson said that he wanted to learn to read, I knew what I could do to help that process. I bought the Dick and Jane Reading Collection for him. This was the series that I learned to read with many years ago/5(). The Very FIRST Original Dick and Jane Book The original Dick and Jane series ran from to The VERY FIRST original, Dick and Jane book, was published in the year

Having read Dick and Jane books in elementary school, I remembered the quality of the lessons and the subtle and gradual adding of more and more vocabulary for First and Second graders. But, unfortunately, the Dick and Jane books were published in , and newer books have taken their place/5(). See Dick run. See Jane skip. See Dick and Jane and the whole "Dick and Jane family" introduce a new generation to the joys of reading. A staple in schools in the s and '60s, these renowned readers are filled with the same short, upbeat stories, easy-to-follow 5/5().

To jump to the end, in case you are the sort who likes to read the last page of a book first, Dick and Jane unfortunately died a long time ago. Some might gleefully say in the ashes and smoke of a fiery death. But they still line the shelves of libraries far and wide. What is curious, though, is why they died and how they came to be. This set of 12 includes the following books: Dick and Jane: We Look, Dick and Jane: Something Funny, Dick and Jane: Jump and Run, Dick and Jane: Go, Go, Go, Dick and Jane: Away We Go, Dick and Jane: We Play LEVEL 2: Progressing Reader (Guided Levels E-I) longer sentences simple dialogue, picture and context clues, more in-depth plot development /5().