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himeros and eros - Las Lagrimas De Eros (Cupids Tears)

Aug 15,  · By combining the wisdom of experienced tantric instructors with industry-leading cinematography and gorgeous models, is an erotic experience unlike no other. It’s game changer for your bedroom – and maybe even your life. Each week, we’ll release a new video to explore different aspects of sex, sexuality and tantric teachings. The names of the gods--Eros, Pothos and Himeros--are inscribed on the vase. This is a drawing of the vase rather than a photograph. ARTICLES. Erotes, Eros, Pothos, Himeros. OTHER IMAGES. O Sirens. SEARCH THEOI. GREEK MYTHOLOGY. Greek Mythology. Gods & Goddesses. Bestiary. GALLERIES.

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The Erotes were the ancient Greek winged gods of love, a multiplication of the god Eros. Their number was varied--Hesiod describes a pair, Eros (Love) and Himeros (Desire) who were present at the birth of Aphrodite, while later writers add a third, Pothos (Passion), to create a triad of goldings. Twin Erotes, Eros (Love) and Anteros (Love Reciprocated) were often portrayed . Eros, Himeros and Pothos, Athenian red-figure stamnos C5th B.C., British Museum. Aeschylus, Suppliant Women ff (trans. Weir Smyth) (Greek tragedy C5th B.C.): "She [Aphrodite], together with Hera, holds power nearest to Zeus [as the gods of marriage], and for her solemn rites the goddess of varied wiles is held in honor.