BFF Pillow Fight Ends With A Fuck - e-40 fuck and fight


e-40 fuck and fight - BFF Pillow Fight Ends With A Fuck

[Hook: repeat 4X] / She say she love me, she - she say she love me / She - she say she love me but all we do now is fuck and fight / [E] / If I asked you to rob that bank with. all we do now is fucking fight [repeat 3x] [E] if i ask u rob that bank with me would u do it? would do ya time like martha stwert? would bust a nine would ya go back would ya put ya life on the line with me hit the dough track? (dough track) is ya down well ya beat a .

could stop naggin me about last night two wrongs dont make a right, all we do is fucking fight kiss and make up lay up all night, now bend over why i lay this pipe, while i beat the coochie up till the borad day light, she say she love me but when im in the studio she be gettin all lova (she say she love me) but i could get fuck bout cause. Fuck on the couch (on the couch) BIATCH! BIATCH! [Verse 1:] UHHH! My main batch in the front yard finna fight my other batch Try'na grab each other by each other hair and pull out a patch Both of them got Vaseline on they face so they both don't get scratched My .

New Gangsta Boo street album "It's Game Involved" available soon. Boo is giving a rooftop performance at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas on March 14th, Fuckin' They Nose Lyrics: Let's make it happen / Mmmhmm.. I mean it can't get mo' mobber / Y'know, we like to buy our shit in bulk / Y'know in VOLUMES / Y'know like CostCo? We fuck with Bosco.