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Oct 7, - Female led relationship, wife led marriage. See more ideas about female led relationship, female, femdom pins. Wanked off and sissified in front of Mother in law. My wife plays to my fantasies of dominating me and small p**** humiliation (I'm only a little less than average) but outside the bedroom I'm as alpha as can be, so much so I flirt with my MIL quite a bit, who seemed to like it. My wife did not. So she decided to get me back.

Mar 25,  · “I promised my Mother in law I would take her to a family gathering.” I made up the first excuse that came into my head. No surprises Mother was the first thing I thought of. “Your loss mate.” Dave said with a disappointed tone in his voice. Later in the day I had to turn him down again when he invited me to go for a drink after work. But his mother-in-law Sandra has a different plan. She's heard that Dennis hasn't been doing a very good job taking care of her daughter. She's going to drop by for the weekend and teach Dennis a few lessons about how to be a Dennis' newlywed /5(10).

Dec 03,  · My mother in law said she was staying behind to do some laundry. This was my opportunity to have some fun. After breakfast, I heard my father in law go out the front door and I heard my mother in law walk toward the stairs. My bedroom door is right at the top of the stairs so I ran from the bathroom to my room before she could see me.