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Aug 30,  · Some risk factors for cutting are: Age. People of all ages self-injure, but it tends to occur more in teenagers and young adults. Adolescence is a time of life when emotions and conflicts, and how Author: Ann Pietrangelo. Apr 03,  · Cutting is a very serious and detrimental behavior that some people engage in as a coping mechanism for a difficult time in their life. Cutting can become addictive and may require professional help to stop. If you engage in self-harming 79%(30).

Aug 15,  · Cutting. It's a practice that is foreign, frightening, to parents. It is not a suicide attempt, though it may look and seem that way. Cutting is a form of self-injury -- the person is literally Author: Jeanie Lerche Davis. Warning signs that a loved one is cutting or self-harming. While cutting and self-harming occurs most frequently in adolescents and young adults, it can happen at any age. Because clothing can hide physical injuries, and inner turmoil can be covered up by a seemingly calm disposition, self-injury in a friend or family member can be hard to detect.

Cutting is a type of self-harm. Although it can be a challenging habit to break, there are many ways to prevent yourself or others from cutting. Learn about them here. Oct 20,  · If cutting is a way to release tension, move your body—visit a boxing gym or go for a long, pounding run. If channeling your pain into another activity doesn’t work, simulating cutting .