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Apr 04,  · Adult children—particularly daughters as I learned from the research for Nobody’s Baby Now: Reinventing Your Adult Relationship with Your Mother and Father —report speaking with a parent two. Jul 30,  · If your adult child is struggling with drugs or alcohol, and your communication with them is limited, use the time to work on yourself. The good news is that most parent-child estrangement is usually temporary. Most people do recover from their substance use. But your young adult’s drug use is not something you want to take lightly. It is.

Communicating Effectively. Some people with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) have communication difficulties. People with intellectual disabilities or those whose disabilities directly affect speech, hearing, or sight are more likely to have communication difficulties. The communication process in general is complex and can be further complicated by age. One of the biggest problems physicians face when dealing with older patients is that they are actually more.

Talking with someone with a mild communication difficulty is very different than talking with a person with a moderate or severe communication difficulty. Many people have stronger receptive (understanding) communication skills than expressive skills. Oct 02,  · According to an ADRC report on health literacy, while the average adult in the U.S. reads on an 8th- or 9th-grade level, literacy levels among older adults may be lower. In such cases, the individual might have trouble comprehending language, processing quantitative information, following directions, and filling out forms.