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Sep 29,  · These clever adult Halloween costumes are unique, funny, and easy to create. From Disney characters to punny ideas, check them all out here!Home Country: US. Whether you need a last-minute outfit or have time to get creative with a DIY project, these adult costume ideas are guaranteed to turn heads and win contests. Don't settle for something expected! Be a Pink Flamingo Opt to be the ultimate in lawn kitsch by dressing up as a pink Kate Miller-Wilson.

Sep 30,  · In fact, funny outfits or costumes with a clever pun are really popular. Even though we enjoy dressing up, finding the perfect costume to wear is Author: Jill Zwarensteyn. Aug 13,  · 75 Creative DIY Halloween Costumes for Women That Won't Break the Bank. It's simple to conjure up something cool. By Brigitt Earley. And while these are all pictured on adults, you could totally use the inspo on your kids as well. View Gallery 75 Photos Brigitt Earley.