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Information about Adult Education Degrees Adult education programmes focus on training teachers who can provide instruction to adult students looking to advance their general knowledge, gain credentials or seeking a career change or advancement. The difference between the bachelor of science and the bachelor of arts mainly comes down to the coursework you could be dealing with as part of your bachelors of adult education. Bachelor of arts degrees may offer students the chance to take additional liberal arts elective classes to flesh out their education coursework.

Develop your skills as an adult educator through UFV’s Bachelor of Arts in Adult Education — a mid-career professional development program. Tailor your studies to fit your busy schedule. All courses are online with the exception of a few classroom sessions, with video conference access if you are a distance student. BA (ESDT) Adult Education and Digital Technology The faculty of Education offers a Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies and Digital Technology with a specialization in Adult Education and Digital Technology.

Bachelor's Degrees in Adult Education A bachelor's degree in adult education typically includes courses on communication, curriculum development, and theories and practices of adult education. Generally speaking, these programs take four years to complete. School of Theater, Film and Media Arts; College of Education and Human Development. Adult & Organizational Development. Bachelor of Arts in Adult & Organizational Development; All Minors & Certificates; Career & Technical Education; Early Childhood- Elementary Education (PreK- 4) Human Development and Community Engagement; Middle Grades Education.