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A control group was recruited without colic and observed in the same manner as the colic group, but breastfeeding mothers stayed on their normal diet. No food was provided. Results: In total, 27 mother-baby pairs were recruited. Of these 13 from the colic group and 7 from the non-colic group had complete evaluable data to analyse. Mar 13,  · March 13, (Atlanta) -- Children who suffered from colic as infants seem to have no long-term complications, but they may be more likely to pitch temper tantrums later in childhood, say.

Colic is defined as unexplained and severe crying in an otherwise healthy newborn. It usually occurs in infants three months old or younger and lasts . Jul 30,  · This is a naturally occurring organism organism in adults and can often be found in the mouth, intestines, and skin. After studying 36 babies, half of which had colic, the researchers found the Klebsiella bacterium and corresponding gut inflammation in the intestines of only those babies with colic.