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Jul 31,  · One thing that amazes me when looking through these Archie comics from the 70s is how quickly Dan DeCarlo would get Betty and Veronica naked – or damn close to it. DeCarlo had a long illustrious history of drawing naughty cartoons for Playboy (and other adult publications), so I guess it shouldn’t surprise me. Shop Archie Comics. Digest Bundle Packs! Order now! Get It Now! The Best Of Archie! On Sale Now! Available Now! Get It Now! Betty & Veronica: The Bond Of Friendship. Archie’s first-ever original young adult graphic novel! Pre-order now! Get It Now! Archie Modern Classics! On sale now! Get It Now! Jughead 4 Pack. On sale now!.

They've implied it. But they've never explicity said the word "sex." Except for That Wilkin Boy #21, January , where they said it about fifty times. That Wilkin Boy was introduced by Archie Comics as a reboot of sorts to Wilbur, a 's Archie knockoff the company itself printed. Wilbur Wilkin's name was changed to "Bingo," but aside from. Mar 19, - Explore Rot Apurbo's board "erotic cartoons" on Pinterest. See more ideas about playboy cartoons, sexy cartoons, cartoon pins.

Jun 17,  · When reading Archie comics it's important to remember that they were written and drawn (for the most part) by a bunch of dirty old men. They're comics aimed at pre-teens, with stories about teenagers, written by men in their 30s and 40s. As such there tends to . Adult comics continued underground in the late s outside the umbrella of the CCA. The underground comics movement was spearheaded by creators such as Art Spiegelman, Robert Crumb, Harvey Pekar, Kim Deitch and Spain Rodriguez. Larry Welz appeared in the s with his Cherry book, an underground-style erotic parody of Archie Comics.