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The portrayal of adult goths in movies like The World's End don't help, Ashei from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess; her appearance gives a gloomy goth impression. Jack from Mass Effect 2 is a SPACE goth. Creepie Creecher, from Growing Up Creepie. She also has a cadre of goth friends/acquaintances. Notes: 1-A: Midoriya - Pure Uraraka - Space Asui - Kewwo Iida - Run™ Todoroki - Vulpix Kaminari - DeezWatts Sero - BandaidArms Aoyama - FrenchSparkleParty Ojiro - Infernape 1-B: Kendou - YaoiHands Pony - Nyeigh Shiozaki - Snivy Monoma - Snatched Tetsutetsu - Kirishima Awase - BlowTorch Shishida - Winston Teacher/Adults: (Eraserhead) Aizawa - Shamwow .