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In most cases a stutter (also known as a stammer) is not acquired but developmental, adults presenting with a stutter usually have had it since childhood. With a . John Cotter Irish Stammering Association Carmichael House, N Brunswick St Dublin 7 [email protected]

3 Abstract Background: This paper presents the results of an in-depth qualitative study designed to further our understanding of the experience of individuals who attended the Dublin Adult Stuttering (DAS) programme. Stuttering is a complex communication disorder that canAuthor: Amy O'Brien. Researchers from the University of Limerick, Ireland are looking for adults who stutter (aged 18 or older) to participate in an online study that seeks to build consensus and prioritization of cores components of intervention for adults who stutter. The study will also include feedback on completed research phases including two systematic.

Jun 17,  · In most cases, adult-onset stuttering is the result of brain trauma. There are, of course, other reasons, but for the most part, neurogenic reasons are the most common. Stuttering may look like an easy problem that can be solved with some simple advice, but for many adults, it can More. Self-Therapy for the Stutterer. This exciting 11th edition is written to and for the many adults and teens who stutter. It states confidently that More. Advice to Those Who Stutter. This is a remarkable book of therapy.