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The overall score is recorded as follows: 0: Relaxed and comfortable 1 to 3: Mild discomfort 4 to 6: Moderate pain 7 to Severe discomfort/pain. Adult Numerical Rating Scale (NRS) Visual Analog Scale (VAS) Defense and Veterans Pain Rating Scale (DVPRS) Adult Non-Verbal Pain Scale (NVPS) Pain Assessment in Advanced Dementia Scale (PAINAD) Behavioral Pain Scale (BPS) Critical-Care Observation Tool (CPOT).

Adult Non-Verbal Pain Scale (NVPS) 1 occ. pain Assessment and Management Initiative Categories Face Activity (movement) Guarding Physiology (vital signs) Respiratory No particular expression or smile. Lying quietly, normal Size: KB. Jan 05,  · There are many types of pain scales, including: pain scales Faces pain scales, typically the Wong-Baker FACES® pain rating scale Global pain scale Visual analog pain scale McGill pain scale Mankoski pain scale Color scales for pain Pediatric pain .

A literature search via electronic databases was carried out for the last fifteen years on English Language papers. The search terms initially included pain rating scales, pain measurement, pain intensity, VAS, VRS, and NRS. Papers were examined for methodological soundness before being by: Dec 11,  · A person rates their pain on a scale of 0 to 10 or 0 to 5. Zero means “no pain,” and 5 or 10 means “the worst possible pain.” These pain intensity levels .