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For adults with intellectual differing abilities, such as Autism, life skills training is key to helping them become more independent. Each day habilitation facility has its own curriculum for life skills training, and we think that each opportunity is a worthy avenue to explore. Life skills such as healthy eating, exercise, personal hygiene, and safe sex, enable adults with disabilities can make you feel better, look better and enhance long-term health and quality of life. Let’s take a closer look at the key areas of healthy living.

Mentally challenged is a broad term for adults who suffer from developmental disabilities that impair their cognitive functioning and behavior, such as autism, dementia or cerebral palsy, to name a few examples. Life Skills Every Adult Should Have Moving into adulthood means doing a lot of things you’ve probably never done before. You’ll have a full-time job, complete with a paycheck. That means you’ll need to manage your own money, including paying bills and taxes.

The second defining feature of intellectual disabilities (ID, formerly mental retardation) is the limited development of life skills. These important skills enable us to live in a safe and socially responsible manner. These skills are collectively referred to as adaptive functioning. Life Skills Enrichment is a day program designed for adults who wish to pursue and build upon activities they find interesting, meaningful, enriching and helpful for everyday living. We offer the following hands-on experiences to enliven the senses, encourage self-esteem, master current skills and learn new ones.