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Apr 17,  · Causes of Hydrocele with Hernia Hydroceles with a hernia may develop when the opening between the scrotum and the abdomen stay open even after birth. Due to this, a weak area develops in the groin. In such cases, pressure and strain during heavy lifting, bowel movements, coughing, etc. may cause the intestine to push through the weak spot. Hydroceles occur when fluid fills a sac in the scrotum of the penis (in the "inguinal canal"). About 10 in male infants have a hydrocele at birth. Hydroceles can also develop with swelling or injury of the scrotum. An inguinal hernia occurs if a small part of the intestine drops into the scrotum with the testes.

A communicating hydrocele is caused by the failure of the processus vaginalis (the thin membrane that extends through the inguinal canal and extends into the scrotum). If this membrane remains open, there is a potential for both a hernia and a hydrocele to develop. hydrocele hernia adults A year-old male asked: in what percent (roughly) hydrocele (at adults) can cure by it self? mine appeared after a classic direct inguinal hernia .

Communicating Hydrocele (Hernia) What is a communicating hydrocele (hernia)? A communicating hydrocele is a collection of fluid that is in the scrotum, surrounding the testicle. In children, a communicating hydrocele is the same thing as a hernia. This can occur because the testicles develop in the abdomen and drop into the scrotum over time. Oct 21,  · In adults, hydroceles typically go away within six months, according to the Mayo Clinic. A hydrocele usually only needs surgery if it causes discomfort or if it’s a communicating hydrocele, which Author: Carmella Wint.