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Frontosa is a carnivore fish type, but in a tank it can be fed with dry feed. Of course, live food is preferable. Diet can consist of prawns, earthworm, small fish (fresh or frozen one), but don’t feed it . Jan 24,  · Frontosa also are known as the humphead cichlid as both sexes have a hump on the head (which can only be seen in adult fish). The male fish will have a bigger hump and longer fins. Both sexes also take time to mature to breeding age, which will take about 3 to 4 years.

Frontosa are characterized by a white (or blue) body, adorned with either 6 or 7 black, vertical bars. Adults develop a large cephalic hump, with that of males usually being more pronounced. The hump is a large fatty deposit that rests atop a dorsal muscle that tends to extend forward. Adult Frontosa develop a huge cephalic hump, usually more noticeable among males. Frontosa Cichlid fins grow with age. Male Frontosa can grow to be as large as 14" in length and when provided with proper living conditions, their life span can reach 25 years.

Overview The Frontosa African Cichlid is a fairly typical member of the Cichlidae family. Both sexes are characterized by a large frontal hump which will develop as the fish reaches maturity, or attains a length of around 4 inches. Frontosa African Cichlid( Inches) pH: – 9 Temperature: 74 F – 79 F Size: Up to 16 Inches Age: 15 years Scientific Name: Cyphotilapia frontosa.