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Jul 18,  · More than one-fourth of American children are overweight, and million people are fat. Of that number, 11 million Americans are morbidly obese. Wishing to improve their self-image, many residents of Colorado are turning to weight-loss camps or retreats. Walkabout Ridge is more than a fitness camp. It’s more than a spa or retreat. It’s a weight loss boot camp for men, women, couples, and mother-daughter groups that is sure to kick-start your commitment to losing weight and keeping fit, and will send you home feeling great!

Mar 21,  · Fat Camp Jeremy Ryland T+ Discover what other Colorado Springs residents already know Come experience a Florida fitness retreat at Weight Crafters - the number one rated fitness and weight loss camp in the United States. Ready for a one-of-a-kind weight loss without walls experience in beautiful Colorado. Behavioral Change Nutrition education, counseling, and personalization provide the foundation to make your changes last. Nutrition A daily selection of delicious meals, prepared to meet your specific tastes, calorie goals, and nutritional needs.

Fat Farms and Boot Camps are Short-Term, Superficial Programs We’re not an adult fat farm, fat camp, or anything else like that. A traditional weight loss camp and the horrendous-sounding “fat farm” doesn’t work long-term for most women who struggle with eating, exercise and weight. Adult Fat Camp, Weight Loss Retreat, Weight Loss Camps, Fat Farm, Fitness Boot Camp for Weight Loss so many terms. Just like a fad diet, the effects of adult weight loss camps are temporary. You may return home from a fitness boot camp slimmer, but .