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As baby boomers begin to reach retirement age, they search for some ways and opportunities to make a difference in the world. They need another challenge to keep them active after many years of being involved in a career that is coming to a close. They have been used to being involved and they want to continue meaningful involvement in the. American churches seeking to assimilate baby boomers are struggling to meet the adult educational needs of this group. To determine what models of church-based adult education are used to meet the educational needs of this group, three large, growing American churches known for attracting boomers were identified as sites for by: 1.

Brookfield (), an adult education scholar, designed the CIQ which invites student reflections, perspectives, and insights on what Adult learners seek answers to resolve a specific need to know. education.” Baby Boomers. When Boomers were oriented to learning the newFile Size: 45KB. As baby boomers hit the twilight of their lives, they are displaying higher levels of physical, mental, and emotional fitness than previous generations. According to experts, this longevity presents unique aging needs of baby boomers that can be broadly divided into five categories: physical, environmental, emotional, financial and social needs.

Why Baby Boomers Need Sex Education. Posted in Blog, Boomer Life, Healthy Body, Healthy Living, Relationships. By Susan Williams. As you get older, life can still be filled with things you never thought you would be doing. For example – I never, ever imagined that one day I might be a blogger. May 09,  · sexual partners (baby boomers average 11 partners – compared with millennials average of 8). And chances are we have even educated our own children about the topic. So why do we need to talk about sex now? With the increase in older people dating (often due to later divorce or death of a partner), many older people are now having unprotected.