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Jun 04,  · A good drinking song is a very important part of any booze enthusiast’s iPod. It often works with the alcohol to double-team our emotions and causes us to Author: Shawn Christ. Aug 15,  · But there are also many songs about drinking, and people love them. These songs can be happy, they can be sad, and they can be funny. Drinking and alcohol have been an inspiration for many artists, and these songs are great to listen on many occasions. Whether you are celebrating something, or you are sad and you need to drown your sadness.

Aug 03,  · The 10 best songs about drugs; The 10 best songs about rock 'n' roll; AC/DC – Have A Drink On Me. There is no small irony in the fact that AC/DC released perhaps the greatest drinking song of all time just five months after their former frontman Bon Scott managed to drink himself to death, the official cause of death being acute alcohol. Feb 21,  · I bang on the door but you won't let me in,'cause you're sick and tired of me reeking of all the doors from the front to the back,And left me a no Author: VenomousNewfie.