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Drug's DOOM (DOOM 2 mod) Jan 22 Released Jan 22, First Person Shooter. In this mod you'll control a guy who have consumed a lot of drugs and get out of mind, your objective is save your waifu to get out of YOUR OWN HELL. **Version now removed glow and colorful brackets from loot_drops (ammo dropped by chainsawed demons) **It is a mod that removes all the highlighting/shimmer from pickups and drops aswell as it gets rid of blue shimmer and outline on mapobjects that player can interact with.

Most endorsed files of all-time (non-adult) Top 30 Files in past two weeks: Filter by category: Forward 30» View mod page Created using GZDoom in Boom person shooter - Doom II: Hell on Earth (mod). 83KB ; 2. ExtraMana - Doom II Mod. Maps. Uploaded: 11 Nov Last Update: 04 Nov Author: ExtraMana. Single. The Bowels of Hell is a brief and intense custom campaign made for use with GZDoom, based on Doom 2, and contains an original story, five original maps, two original boss enemies, two original weapons, and four original music tracks.

ExtraMana - Doom II Mod. Single Map, indoor/outdoor hybrid. Created using GZDoom in Boom person shooter - Doom II: Hell on Earth (mod). Maps ; By ExtraMana; 83KB ; View mod page; View image gallery; Annie - Episode 1. Hell has broken loose once again! As before, you're the only one who can send the demons back to where. Jan 05,  · God bless the PC. Player-created Doom WADs have kept a decades-old series from becoming obsolete, using the openness of the platform to .