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Adult Designee means any individual with whom an employee has a long-term, committed relationship of mutual caring and support. The adult designee must have resided in the same household with the eligible employee for at least the past 12 consecutive months, and must have common financial obligations with the employee. Designee definition is - one that is designated. How to use designee in a sentence.

Nov 06,  · An "adult designee" could be a sister or brother, a parent, a romantic partner or friend. The ordinance also applies to the designee's children. Wilson is trying to schedule a presentation by city officials to the County Council on the successes . If the passenger was unaccompanied, they shall have a complete defense if they were following, in a timely manner, the reasonable instructions of a parent, legal guardian, responsible adult relative or adult designee relating to disposition of the alcoholic beverage.

An adult designee can be your significant other to whom you are not married or a family member with whom you share a relationship. In order to qualify, you and your designee must meet certain criteria which includes neither of you being married to someone else, over age 18, and joint expenses. A designee is someone you can choose (spouse, partner, adult child, adult sibling) to have access to your CurrentCare for me record to help coordinate your care when you need support in managing a new health condition, treatment, and medications.