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The UK’s Digital Economy Act will soon require anyone wanting to access online adult content to prove they are over ProveMyAge lets everyone over the age of 18, including international visitors to the UK, access adult content privately. You can tether another phone, laptop or tablet to your phone and your endless social media will still apply when using those apps or websites on the other device. The same goes for the apps and websites included in your endless video and music passes.

So we block everyone from websites with 18+ content, until we confirm you're over To unblock it, click continue to prove your age or call us free on . Apr 17,  · The UK will become the first country in the world to bring in age-verification for online pornography when the measures come into force on 15 July

It is a criminal offence not to restrict access to adult VOD content to those aged over 18, by means such as requiring the user to provide credit card details. In March ATVOD proposed new legislation that would introduce a licensing system for all UK adult content providers. Jun 24,  · If an adult site can't determine that from the provided location data then it will allow UK users to see the same content as if accessing from outside the country's borders.