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Mar 06,  · Treating a blocked tear duct Balloon catheter dilation. Your doctor guides a very thin catheter through the blockage in the tear duct, starting from Stenting or intubation. Your doctor threads a thin tube through the puncta and throughout the tear drainage system to Surgery. The surgical Author: James Roland. Nov 16,  · The tear duct is a connection between your eye and nose. It helps your eye drain. A blocked tear duct means your tears do not drain easily. When the tear duct becomes blocked, you may be at higher risk for eye infections.

Not everyone who has a blocked tear duct needs a DCR. A DCR is a much more common treatment for adults than for children. Your healthcare provider might first recommend less invasive treatments. These may include warm compresses, massage, and antibiotics for an infection. Nov 04,  · Nasolacrimal ducts, the medical term for tear ducts, are part of the body's system for draining tears from the eyes. When tear ducts become blocked, it causes a backup of fluid in the lacrimal sac, which is highly prone to infection.

Blocked tear ducts in adults Many people associate blocked tear ducts with babies, but it's not uncommon to see a clogged tear duct in an adult. Blocked tear ducts in adults can happen for a variety of reasons, ranging from age-related eye changes to scarring to growths in the nose. A blocked tear duct is common in newborns. The condition normally improves with no treatment during the first year of life. In adults a blocked tear duct might be because of an injury, an infection or a tumor. Blocked Tear Ducts and Old man.