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Factors that Influence Adult Learning 1. Adults learn when they believe they need to know something new or different. (Zembke & Zemke, ) Adults are motivated to learn when theywant to: • Gain something • Be something • Do something • Save something Lorge, Oct 23,  · 5 Factors Impacting Adult Learners' Persistence at Your Institution Higher education can provide both measurable and intangible returns, such as a greater lifetime income, increased personal fulfillment, societal benefits, and more.

A body of literature on the adult learners and performance was reviewed with the aim of establishing factors that affect adult learners in adult continuing education. Effects of Demographic Profile on Performance Much of the early work in adult learning focused on intelligence, examining whether. Feb 08,  · factors affecting learning in older adults J. Conrad Glass Jr. Department of Adult and Community College Education, North Carolina State University, Cited by:

Svinicki also identifies four major theories of motivation that impact adult learning—deficit or drive-based, behaviorally-based, cognitive-based, and amalgamated (a composite of expectancy value model, social cognitive model, and goal orientation model). According to . The Five Primary Principles For Adult Learning Are: 1) Adults must self-direct their own learning. 2) Adults must have opportunities for critical reflection when learning something new. 3) Adults must be able to access their own experiences when learning something new. Additionally, adults will need new experiences in order for learning to.